Acoustic Shield™ is available in custom sizes, tailored to your needs. They are made from a composite of acoustic grade glass cloth, fire resistant absorbent core and flexible mass membrane, meaning that they can be easily rolled, handled and stored.

Acoustic Shield™ can be quickly fixed to site fencing and scaffolding, allowing them to both absorb noise on site and create a barrier to the outside community.

Noise Source

As sound will diffract around objects, barriers should be placed in close proximity to the noise source to prevent excessive noise pollution to surrounding buildings and the public.


Barriers should be overlapped by 50mm and care should be taken to avoid gaps, as this will improve the overall effectiveness and reduce ‘leakage’.

Quilted Surface

The quilted surface of the barrier should face the noise source. This will ensure optimum performance and sound absorption.


Acoustic Shield™ can be affixed to the barrier using bungee ties or cable ties.

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