Blok N Mesh UK Ltd has developed a cutting edge acoustic product to provide some much needed respite from noise pollution on construction sites.

Acoustic Shield™ effectively treats noise issues ‘at source’ through both absorbing and controlling the noise where it is generated. Acoustic Shield™ deals with the problem head on and keeps unwanted noise at bay. It represents a fast and cost effective solution, which will not only assist in reducing complaints from neighbouring communities but will also help to promote good relations between the construction industry and the local community as a whole.

Acoustic Shield™ incorporates an integrated reflective visual aid for pedestrians and vehicles allowing increased levels of visibility and safety.

Up to 30dB Sound Reduction

Acoustic Shield™ provides up to 30db noise reduction subject to site conditions. Tested in various ‘real life’ applications in accordance with ISO 1996 – BS4142 – assists with UK Construction Section 61 Notice Applications (Control of Pollution Act 1974). This Covers real time frequency analysis, single measurement range tests and triggered event capture tests. Independently Laboratory Tested To BS EN ISO 354:2003 and BS EN ISO 10140-2:2010.

Designed for Temporary Fencing Panels

Size: 3550mm x 2000mm. Specifically designed for simple, rapid deployment onto Temporary Fencing Panels. Note: Suitable wind bracing must be added to Temporary Fencing before Acoustic Shield™ is fitted. Click the button below to view Blok N Mesh ballast and bracing products.

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Weatherproof construction via a unique hydrophobic manufacturing process provides sound absorption.

Easily Stored and Transported

Easily stored, transported and deployed whilst providing exceptional sound absorption.

Integrated Reflective Strip

Integral high visibility strip providing a reflective visual aid for pedestrians and vehicles.

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